The importance of sex to health

Can sex help to reduce high blood pressure? According to some research done by the London escorts in, sex can help reduce high blood pressure. The thing is, you can just do it once, and you have to have lots of sex on a regular basis. It may sound like an odd issue but London escorts are basically right. Sex can not only help to reduce high blood pressure in both men and women, but it can have some other benefits as well. If, you are in a long term loving relationship, you may find that you have healthy sex life and is in general feeling better about ourselves.

Sex to make you feel better

So, what is going on here? Well, it isn’t only London escorts who are curious about this issue, many other people are as well. Sex will increase the heart’s work rate and that means that the arteries need to push through more blood. When we exercise our arteries they become longer and more elasticated, and this is what reduces the blood pressure. But, the London escorts wanted to know if this is the only thing that happens. To tell the truth, there are many things that happen when we have sex and we are going to take a little look out them

Another health benefit of great sex is that the blood starts to deliver more oxygen to other parts of our body. For instance, our brains will experience a surge of oxygen and that will help us to think better and can even improve our memory. Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could tell dementia patients to have more sex to feel? However, this is not the only thing that happens according to London escorts. Once the brain’s pleasure center is stimulated our brains start to produce the happiness and feel good hormone cortisol. This hormone can make us feel much more relaxed and happy, and probably the reason while so many men fall asleep. So, said London escorts, why don’t women fall asleep after sex?

Sex can help to relax women as well, but it also gives us an energy search. According to the research by London escorts, a lot of women felt like doing a couple of hours of aerobics after sex, or some London escorts said that women often feel inspired to do the house work. It is a very odd set of circumstances, but the truth is that good sex has many health benefits.

Should we make room for more sex in our lives? Yes, we should and we should consider it a pleasure. However, too many people still think about sex as a bit taboo, and don’t even talk about it unless it is forced upon them. Of course, there are times when our libido is going to hit the floor and we are not going to want to make love, but other times we will really enjoy sex. But it is important to plan sex into our lives and not go to bed every night at midnight just because you have too much to do.…

London escorts on porn and improving your sex life

Can porn improve your sex life? I date a couple of gents at London escorts who believe that porn can improve your sex life. They spend their time watching porn movies and claim that watching a lot of porn movies, have turned them into better lovers. I am not sure that they are right about that. Listening to them talk, it is clear that they really do have a problem holding down a relationship.


There is a lot more to sex than porn. For instance, the best way to turn a woman on is not to talk about porn at all. Men presume that women get turned on by hot kisses and stuff like that. As a matter of fact, these three guys do actually sound a bit like Donald Trump. He seems to think that you can do anything to to women, and as soon as you start kissing her, she is yours. It is crazy and I know that my colleagues at London escorts do not get turned on like that at all.


If you were ever considering doing a Donald Trump on a woman, I would encourage you to think twice. Most women like to be seduced and not jumped on at all. I think that Donald Trump sounds a bit like a crazy guy, and I am not sure that he is actually a very nice person. Thinking about it, I could not see a lot of my friends at London escorts putting up with a man like that. Personally I think that he is a total turn off.


No, if you want to seduce a woman, and enjoy good sex with her, you know to make her feel desired. One way of doing that would be to take her out to dinner, and spend loads of time with her. I know that some people have five date rules and all of that, but I think it is rubbish. It is not about meeting up with a woman on a couple of occasions and then jumping straight into bed with her. Women like to get to know, and they want to feel that you take an interest in them.


I have dated some guys outside of London escorts who like to “seduce” a woman Trump style. It has not worked for me at all, and I have dropped them after the first date. On the other hand, when I met guys who have taken a personal interest in me, I have felt really sexy and enjoyed spending time with them. Girls who work for London escorts are not any different from other ladies. It does not matter if you are a female stock broker, a beautician or an escorts. We all like to date men, and have sex with men, who take a personal interest in us. That is what we find really sexy, and it turns us on like mad. If you want to have really good sex with a woman, take some advice from Shania Twain and get to know her first.…