Reasons to hire an escort

I have seen a lot of people hiring an escort from and I am bit curious of why they are doing such kind of thing for I am just an ordinary boy who only loves observing people most especially on their where about. I do not have that guts to do what usual men do in the streets and in some other places where most men were going and enjoying with. I do sometimes feel jealous from them but realizing the actuality of it, I just can’t afford to let it happen for myself. I am not depriving it from myself nor parents for as much as they love me seeing going around but I don’t really like it. Maybe there is really something not normal in my own perspective about things but when I consulted a specialist everything is normal in me it just that I am not used to it and I do not have trust on myself in doing such things. As per advice advice of the doctor that I should face fear and mistake, pain, failure is normal for these types of experience will then help me become strong and brave person. The doctor then told me to observe the latest trend these days that I will make a narrow observation on it and give my own intervention the next time that I will be seeing him for another session on assessing my progress of my state of condition.
When I threw out myself out from home in park I then saw different kinds of people with different personality. But there is this one thing that hooked me of. There was these group of men who are planning for a one week long vacation on an island and they are all excited about it for its highlight is a week with an escort each one of them. After an hour there was this man who is talking someone by phone and he seems to be checking on the appointment that he will have an escort in an hour. Another set of people pass by and they seems to be of best of friends and the other one is giving him an advice to book for an escort so that he could breath and moved on. When I come back the next day on the same place where seated on the park I still hear the word escort coming from men passing by. And hearing it that often puts on lot of questions and curiosity of what is an escort.
I then find out that they are the women who gives services to men and they are hiring escorts for they want to feel better on the things that they are feeling. Escorts personality and an encounter is a tool for men who suffers from pain and from being alone. Escorts services offers a lot of services to these types of men who needs immediate and long-time process of healing. Once you are a man of pain and failure you can depend on them for they will let you see the brighter way of life even into your darkest hour.

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