Is Being Sexy Enough?

Sometimes being sexy is not enough to make it big when working for a charlotte London escorts service. Working for an elite London escorts service has become more demanding than ever before according to a London escort that we spoke to. When Amanda first got involved with London escorts, dating was less demanding that is now. According to Amanda, things have changed a lot. Not only are the dating styles different, but the gentlemen who like to hook up with London escorts.

Amanda tells us that working for London escorts used to be all about being the perfect sex kitten. With her golden blond hair and a perfect figure that was never a problem for Amanda. But, Amanda has found that her London escorts career has become increasingly challenging. Now gentlemen don’t only want to date a great looking sexy blonde, they expect their dates to be a bit of a brain box as well. That is not easy according to Amanda. She never knows if she should focus on looking a million dollars or swatting up on the latest business news to hold a conversation.

Being a sex kitten is clearly not enough anymore for any girl at London escorts. Many girls who join London escorts now find that they don’t date the run of the mill guy anymore. Instead, many London escorts are finding themselves dating important businessmen who are visiting London. Amanda says that these gents look for a different kind of escort. She adds that they may want to take you out to dinner, but that is not all. Modern London escorts have to be up to going to the opera or the theater.

Amanda says that she did not have a clue what to wear the first time she went on a London escorts date to the opera. She says that she ended up googling what to wear. In the end, she rushed out and bought a lovely evening dress. It cost her more money that she got paid for the date but says that she could not afford to let her London escorts agency down. It turned out the be a good investment. The gentleman who she accompanied to the opera left her glowing review and since that date, the expensive dress has had several outings. Now Amanda is a little bit savvier and knows where to get the best dresses.

She also says that she travels more and that can be demanding. It has become harder to plan your personal life she says. When you travel, you often end up on longer dates and some of them are at short notice. It could be that you have something arranged for the weekend, and all of a sudden you end up with a request for a date. Then you have to rush off and cancel your personal arrangements and focus on your London escorts date instead. It can be stressful says Amanda and she feels that she gets less of a personal life now than she used to do.

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